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After 8 years of creating portraits and working at all kinds of weddings, the most beautiful part to me is still the moments of connection between bride and groom, parent and child, lifelong friends and new relations.


I find my joy in seeing these connections happen. I would love to work with you and make your most memorable moments as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.


We are just taking pictures. You do what you do and love your people. I'll do what I do and find the light. And together we will create something beautiful. xoxo ~Amy

Wedding / Portrait / boudoir


Wedding Collections begin at $2100


We just happen to be limo navigating bustle experts who can make the most serious groomsman laugh while sewing a bridesmaid into her dress and bobby pinning a stray piece of hair. We pride ourselves in being able to make anyone feel comfortable while creating a fun environment and getting your amazing portraits taken without monopolizing your time. Your big day should be everything you dreamed of, and your pictures should reflect those moments.


We love weddings.

We love all the love.

And the awkward dancing.





Portrait Mini Sessions - $200+

Portrait Full Sessions - $300+

When you have three children of your own, you don't scare easy. From newborns to teens, connection is important and finding common ground is essential for bringing out the personality of your subject. That is what we focus on. Regardless of your toddlers mood or those sleepless first weeks of newborn navigation, we can sing all the cartoon theme songs and do all the shushing it takes to make new friends.


Mini session events are held 2-3 times a year but can also be scheduled individually schedule permitting.

Full sessions need to be booked 2-3 months in advance.


Boudoir Sessions - $225 +


Finding self-love is one of the most difficult and rewarding journeys a person can venture on.


We firmly believe that every body should be celebrated for what it is. These portraits strive to provide that for our clients.


Whether it be for a partner or yourself, we

work together to create a comfortable environment that can showcase your natural beauty and confidence.


Sessions can be done in studio or in a private outdoor location.

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